How does the Barricaid® Prosthesis for Partial Anulus Replacement work?

Following a limited discectomy, the Barricaid® Prosthesis is implanted in the spine, at the location of the anular defect. The prosthesis mesh forms a barrier that blocks the defect.

By blocking the defect, it is believed the Barricaid® Prosthesis can help reduce the chance of reherniation at the defect site. It is also believed that the use of the Barricaid® can help prevent painful disc collapse by enabling the surgeon to safely leave more material within the disc.

The Barricaid® Prosthesis implantation is performed as part of your discectomy procedure.

What can you expect following surgery?

After your surgery, your physician will provide you with a post-operative plan. This may include guidelines for your activity and possibly physical therapy. Your physician will perform follow-up examinations at scheduled intervals to evaluate your recovery.


Consult your physician if you have any questions about your condition, your treatment, or the information contained on this website.


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